About Transparent Pouch, Packaging (OPP Bag)

           Transparent bags (also known as OPP bag) is the most basic yet most reliable option to store a product safely. Relatively cheap, these tiny bags are being used to pack numerous products every day. Most commonly used to pack seasonings, nuts, sugar or salt.

Specifications of transparent pouch (OPP Bag, United Kingdom)

Transparent pouch (OPP Bag) has many useful features. Such as:

  • Produced with the idea of being in direct contact with foods.
  • Producible with features like side bellows, square bottom or vacuum. As a result, can be used for various purposes.
  • With its transparent packagingdesign, allows customers to see the product without effort. While also showing that the company is standing behind its product.
  • Very low cost and much faster production.
  • Keeps the product safe from external factors.
  • Suitable for all food types.

Specifications of square bottom transparent packaging (OPP Bag), England

  • Certified to be used safely with all food types.
  • Can be laminated.
  • Allows the bag to stand straight without any support.
  • Dust-proof.
  • Smooth and glossy surfaces.
  • Can be sealed with a sealing machine.

Specifications of transparent packaging (OPP Bag) with bellows

  • Has a lamination procedure called Orient Propilen.
  • Its bellows allows it to store much more product than a classic OPP Bag.
  • Can be sealed with a wire or a sealing machine.
  • Its transparent design displays the product elegantly.
  • Can be produced in various sizes.

Specifications of vacuum transparent bags
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  • Has a lamination procedure called PA and PE.
  • Thanks to its design, it can be vacuumed. And as a result, protects the product from any contact with air. Allowing the product to stay fresh for a longer duration.
  • Suitable to apply pressure.
  • Can be produced in various sizes and shapes.
  • Can be easily vacuumed with a simple vacuum device.
  • Both sides are sealed airtight.
  • Commonly preferred for frozen foods and any other type of food that requires its flavor to be preserved.

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